Flirty Conversation

Situations Introductions Are you in deep conversation or can I join in? How’s your night going? What have you been up to today? Getting Contact Do you want to exchange contact information? Downer convo Before all of this politics ruin the vibe, I dont want to miss my chance of getting your number. Flirty Questions Tell me about last vacation you were on and why it was awesome....

Last updated: 2022-03-18 by JRO
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Romantic Advice

Compatibility Do we get along What are goals & passions Are we aligned Defining & Communicating Relationship Needs List “Non-Negotiables” List “How We Get To A Ten?” List “Would Be Nice” Relationship Anxiety never knowing where you stand trying to be what the other wants never knowing what other person wants, or who you should be never understanding “why I cant be me?” Women worry how much time their men will give them, while men worry how much time their women will take...

Last updated: 2022-03-18 by JRO
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