How to Research & Write an Article about a Topic

Description This is a step-by-step guide on how to research a topic and create a comprensive summary article about it Goal Requirements name of topic questions to answer motivation behind questions Outcomes Quick Reference In Depth Article Expertise Tools Sites Wikipedia AnswerThePublic KewordTool.IO Reddit Keyword Research Tool Type name of subreddit, extract common search keywords from that subreddit Create audience personas Find low competition keywords to target directly Social media Facebook Facebook Groups Slack communities Discord servers Cloud Storage Google Drive On Demand Expertiese UpWork Process Setup Research area Create Shared Folder for Topic on Cloud Storage Create Topic doc from Topic Doc Template Create initial Topic page in Knowledge Base site Assign Researcher Create UpWork post “[topic] Expert to Create Research Article” Review UpWork applicants Shortlist UpWork applicants Schedule Interviews for Applicants Hire Researcher Omboard Researcher Share folder with Researcher Share link to Topic in Knowledge Base Add Researcher to chat group Add Researcher to PM tool Identify common questions Search for “[topic]” in Google, copy Questions from “People also ask” section in the Google results Search for [topic] in KeywordTool & Summarize Search “[topic] top questions” & Summarize Search “[topic] site:www....

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To Research

Whitelabel Paid Forum/Chat mobile app, with good UI HN post Website-Embeddable expanding content outlines (accordion) Like Workflowy Forum that feels good, UI similar to Twitter, TikTok Discourse frustrating to enter content, not good for non-technical users Pay $ to connect to someone Calendly ? Embeddable Product Idea / Feedback / Forum Embeddable Map with categories, drop in pins SHICUU - Secret, Hidden, Invisible, Covert, Unseen, Unsaid, Unacknowledged Metamask - connect hardware wallets DeFi NFT

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