Add a Contact Mission

On Notepad Open to new page Write Date & Location Write Name & Contact info Topics discussed Expertise Plans, Wants TODO Appearance Pets Who they know Where they like to go Groups On Phone On Computer

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New Macbook Setup process (2022)

Configure System Dock Size: Small Position on screen: Left Disable โ€œShow recent applications in Dockโ€ Remove all default shortcuts from dock Desktop Show view options Icon size: 16x16 Text size: 10 Finder Show status bar Preferences: General Show items on desktop: None New Finder windows show: Home folder Sidebar: [_] Recents Home Pictures Movies Advanced Show all filename extensions [_] Show warning before changing an extension [_] Show warning before removing from iCloud drive [_] Show warning before empyting the trash Remove items from trash after 30 days Keep folders on top: In windows when sorting by name Organize sidebar User name Desktop Documents Applications Downloads Projects Pictures Movies Music Remove Recents Hide iCloud Tags Show items as Columns Sort by Kind Show view options Text size: 10 Show Library folder System Preferences General Sidebar icon size: Small Show scroll bars: When Scrolling Default web browser: Chrome Recent items: 5 Desktop & Screen saver Screen saver Hot corners Bottom left: Lock screen Language & Region Region: Canada First day of week: Monday 24 hour time Advanced General: Currency: USD Measurement units: Metric Dates: YYYY-MM-DD Security General Require password: Immediately Firewall On Displays Scaled: More space Night Shift: Sunset to Sunrise Energy Saver Battery Turn off display: 15 min Power Adaptor Turn off display: 30 min Keyboard Keyboard Key repeat: Fast Delay: Short Modifier keys Caps lock: Escape Text Remove: โ€œomwโ€ [_] Correct spelling automatically [_] Capitalize [_] Touch-bar typing suggestions [_] Use smart quotes Shortcuts Full keyboard access: All Controls Trackpad Point & Click [_] Look up & data [_] Force click and haptic feedback Scroll & Zoom [_] Smart zoom [_] Rotate More gestures [_] Swipe between pages [_] App expose [_] Launchpad Sound Sound effects Alert sound: Frog Alert volume: 1/3 Show volume in menu bar Internet accounts iCloud [_] Mail [_] Calendars j@ro....

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