Clean House

Preparation Music Volume: 80% Artists: Michael Jackson, David Bowie Playlists: TODO Prepare Body Smoke Weed Eat Snack Drink Water Give a Treat to Dogs Put on Confortable Clothes Hat Stretch Start Work Timer for 25 minutes Prepare Break Timer for 5 minutes Gather Equipment Put Mop near Kitchen Counter Wet Wipes, Cleaner Put Broom near Balcony Gather Supplies Cleaning Spray Cleaning Process Organize Hang Bags on Door Put Shoes away Pee-Pads Put Supplies near Dog Pee-Pad area Paper Towels Cleaning Spray Trash Can Clean Pee Pads Put Trash by Front Door Laundry Room Laundry Preparation Put Dirty Laundry in Laundry Basket Main Bathroom Towels Guest Bathroom Towels Dog Blankets Kitchen Towels Bed Blankets Bed Pillow Covers Bed Protector Move Laundry Baskets to Laundry Room Start Laundry Put Light-colored Sheets & Towels in Laundry Washer Start Laundry Washer Dishes Clean Kitchen Counter Put Clean Dishes away Replace Dish Sponge (every week) Scrub Dish Drying Pad Clean Dish Drying Rack Move Dirty Dishes into Kitchen Sink Move Spoon Rests (?...

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