App Clips

Creating an App Clip Code Create an NFC-branded App Clip Code: AppClipCodeGenerator generate --url --index 1 --output ~/Desktop/example-app-clip.svg --type nfc Resources Encoding a URL in an App Clip Code

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Mobile App Development Scoping & Estimation

About the Statement of Work (SOW) Questions to answer What needs to be done? How should it be done? How long should should it take? Sections Confidentiality Milestones Reports Deliverables End products Timelines Overview What project is about (1-3 sentences) Mission Vision Objectives Problems solved Value to customers How it works Broad overview using a real-life situation User flow Target Audience Who & Why How demographic relates to the look & feel of app Business model brief Price When customer pays How customer pays Confidentiality Agreement Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDAs) Drafted by Attorney User Personas Business Model Advertisment App Pricing In-App Purchases Competition User Experience & Design How users benefit from features Intuitiveness, engagagement User journeys Wireframes Device-specific variations Style guide Color scheme Fonts Brand Mockups Prototypes (Figma) Simulates user experience & workflows Animations, video, audio Features Features Must-haves (non-negotiable) Should-haves (important, not vital) Could-haves (nice, but could be left out) Will-not-haves (features which are not a priority) Pages/Screens Actions user is able perform Information Architecture Data models Data displayed to users Data collected from users User Flows Technical Technical Overview Details of solution Visuals & graphics Examples: Charts Stacked Bar Chart Tree Maps Graphics Video Examples Links to existing solutions similar to app Platforms & Tech Stack User Platforms supported Versions Technology Stack Back-end / Services API Front-end / Mobile APp Technical Solutions Required e....

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