Tech Platform

  • Ecommerce web app platform: Shopify

Useful components

  • - Cool widgets, can test them out for freee
    • Eg Vimeo Gallery embed
    • Job Board, stylable, mobile friendly
    • REview
    • File Embed
    • Audio player
    • Podcast player
    • Wish they had:
      • Wishlist; can’t add an idea outside these topics

Site Sections


  • - calendar embed
    • Status: Used in production, good

Job board

    • Vimeo gallery embed



File Embeds



  • MapBox?
    • Need to evaluate
  • ThemeForest –> Map Directory
    • Need to evaluate


  • -
    • Based out of Australia
    • Chat widget: Sends chat to a person
    • Complicated UI
    • Status: Used Website chat in production, good Knowlegde base


  • Discourse. Mechanically fantastic, bad UI for non-techy people

  • Job post to pre-seed with passionate experts, have them ask & answer questions in the form;

    • “Find something you disagree with and make a tactfully make a point or give advice”
    • Hire several people to stay engaged
    • Job posts in different cities
  • While job post is running, Run Facebook Ads “This is X, Go to it”;

    • Incentivize people to engage.
      • “Everyone who asks a good question, answers a question, & gets the most likes, gets free pair of shoes.
  • Now: Forum Knowledge base & forum is built

Social media

  • Buddy Boss: “Facebook in a box”
    • Example: “[Location]’s online community for [Topic]”
    • Status: To Evaluate; Just used in Sandbox

Knowledge base

    • Free Knowledge base that you can white-label, custom domain

Podcast Player


Content flow

(Chat –> Forum –> Knowledge Base –> Expert Opinion? AMA, etc)