This is a step-by-step guide on how to research a topic and create a comprensive summary article about it



  • name of topic
  • questions to answer
  • motivation behind questions


  • Quick Reference
  • In Depth Article
  • Expertise


  • Sites
  • Social media
    • Facebook
      • Facebook Groups
    • Slack communities
    • Discord servers
  • Cloud Storage
    • Google Drive
  • On Demand Expertiese
    • UpWork


Setup Research area

  • Create Shared Folder for Topic on Cloud Storage
  • Create Topic doc from Topic Doc Template
  • Create initial Topic page in Knowledge Base site

Assign Researcher

  • Create UpWork post
    • “[topic] Expert to Create Research Article”
  • Review UpWork applicants
  • Shortlist UpWork applicants
  • Schedule Interviews for Applicants
  • Hire Researcher

Omboard Researcher

  • Share folder with Researcher
  • Share link to Topic in Knowledge Base
  • Add Researcher to chat group
  • Add Researcher to PM tool

Identify common questions

  • Search for “[topic]” in Google, copy Questions from “People also ask” section in the Google results
  • Search for [topic] in KeywordTool & Summarize
  • Search “[topic] top questions” & Summarize
  • Search “[topic]”
  • Add Common Questions to Common Questions section of Topic doc

Research Overview

  • Search for “[topic] wiki” & Summarize
  • Add valuable links to Resources section of Topic doc

Research Terminology, Definitions

  • Search for “[topic] terminology”

Resarch Videos

  • Search “[topic] best videos” on YouTube & Summarize to Videos section of Topics doc

Research “5 Whys”

  • Search “why [topic]” & Summarize
  • Search “[topic] benefits” & Summarize
  • Add reasons to Why section of Topic doc

Identify Demonstration

  • Search Youtube for “[topic] demo”

Identify Communities

  • Search for “[topic] communites” & Summarize
  • Add Communities to Communities section of Topic doc

Idenfify News Sources

  • Search for “[topic] news sources” & Summarize

Research History

  • Search for “[topic] history” & Summarize to History section of Topic doc
  • Search for “[topic] origin”
  • Search for “[topic] timeline” & Summarize to History section of Topic doc

Research Culture

  • Search for “[topic] culture” & Summarize
  • Search for “[topic] rules” & Summarize
  • Search for “[topic] jokes” & Summarize
  • Add to Culture section of Topic doc

Identify expertise

  • Search for “[topic] experts” & Summarize
  • Add Experts to Expert section of Topic doc
  • Search Reddit for Experts
  • Add Expert Links to the Experts section of Topic doc

Research Interesting Facts

  • Search for “[topic] interesting facts” & Summarize
  • Search for “[topic] statistics” & Summarize
  • Add Interesting Facts to the Intesting Facts section of Topic doc

Research Criticisms

  • Search for “[topic] criticism” & Summarize

Research Costs

  • Search for “[topic] costs” & Summarize to Costs section of Topic doc

Research Getting Started

  • Search for “[topic] getting started” & Summarize
  • Create Getting Started action list in the Getting Started section of Topic doc
  • Add Getting Started Links to the Getting Started section of Resources

Research Common Problems

  • Search for “[topic] common problems” & Summarize
  • Search for “[topic] drawbacks” & Summarize

Research Misunderstandings

  • Search for “[topic] misunderstandings”
  • Search for “[topic] myths”

Research Explanations

  • Search for “[topic] explained” & Summarize

Research How to Learn

  • Search for “how to learn [topic] & Summarize to Learning section of Topic Doc

Research How to Get Help

  • Search for “[topic] how to get help” & Summarize

Research existing tools

  • Search for “[topic] tools” & Summarize
  • Add summarized tools to Tools section of Topic doc

Research Products

  • Search for “[topic] products” & Summarize to Products section of Topic doc

Research Infographics

  • Search for “[topic] infographic”
  • Search for “[topic] maps”
  • Add Infographic to Infographics section of Topic doc

Research Cheat Sheets

  • Search for “[topic] cheatsheets” & Summarize
  • Add Cheatsheets to Cheatsheets section of Topic doc

Research Future predictions

  • Search for “[topic] future”
  • Search for “[topic] predictions”

Research competitors

  • Search for “[topic] competitors” & Summarize
  • Add Competitors to Competition section of Topic doc
  • For each Competitor, search “[topic] differentiator” and Summarize
  • Add Competitor Differentiators to Topic doc

Research Books

  • Search for “[topic] books” & Summarize
  • Search for “[topic] book recommendations reddit” & Summarize to Books section of Topic doc

Clean up

  • Links
    • Find the best link for a topic, remove duplicates


  • Links & Resources: Look for links that other people frequently reference & praise
  • Terminology: When an unfamiliar term is encountered, add the term to the Terminology section of Topic doc


TEMPLATE: [topic] Quick Reference

TEMPLATE: [topic] Overview


  • is… One liner overview

  • Who, what, where, when, why


Common Questions


Interesting Facts




History & Timeline




  • Name, role, specialty, known for

Major Players / Competition

  • Player
    • Differentiators





How to Get Help

Getting Started


  • Situation


How to

  • Situation, goal, action, outcome

Sub Topics


  • Wiki
  • Communities
  • Getting started
  • Books

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