Create new page in Journal-Planner

  • {Project Name} Mind Map - {date}

  • Define 3 Personas - choose 3 passionate people who are socially known as models of the Persona

    • (9 persona instances)
  • Meet with Persona

  • Research Personas’ Environments

    • Where do they go for fun?
    • Where do they work?
    • Where do they go to relax?
    • Where do they go with their families?
    • What is their dream location?

Brainstorm names

  • Read inspiring material
    • Flip through books & magazines
    • Go for “weird” sources - religious books, space ship instruction manuals, romance novels
  • In your Notebook, Write lists of interesting concepts. What grabs your attention?


Domain names

  • Create an account at a domain name registrar
  • Buy domain name
    • {example-organization}.org

Build Organization Infrastructure

Goals, Outcome, Action & Priority Manager (task manager)

Setup Task management app

Install local version of desktop app

Create account

Productivity Software

Create Google Workspace for {example-organization}

Document Collaboration