Piano practice

  • Scales, dominant 7, up & down

  • Morning blues song, c major

  • Don’t look at hands

  • Feel the music

  • Learn scales

  • Learn inversions


  • Be in situations where u can be seen


Sheet music

IMSLP [FREE]: Great if you’re looking for classical music. Not so great if you’re looking for anything other than that. All the pieces/songs that are on here are in the public domain so you won’t find anything modern in here.

https://sheetdownload.com (Free)

MuseScore [FREE]: “Although you could pay for a membership it basically has all the functions you need without it. All the scores are uploading by users (this of course means some sheet music is prone to errors or mistakes but most are pretty accurate) and it has a built in player which runs you though the piece/song. It’s overall a great resource and I source most of my sheet music from here. Generally you’ll be able to find almost any piece/song on here with the only exception being that it is “popular” (if there is no demand for a song than it most likely won’t be on here).”

MusicNotes [PAID]: “Now I only use MusicNotes for very specific circumstances. Such as when YouTubers release their covers of popular songs as sheet music it usually goes through this or another similar site. This also has a built in player (although in my opinion not as “advanced” as MuseScores is but its still good). Only downside is that every single score has a price tag on it usually running anywhere from $2.99 to $13.99 per score.”


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