What am I good at? What gives me energy? What takes energy away from me? What puts me in a good mood? What activities give me purpose? What do I not like doing? What scares me to death? What motivates me? How do I want others to see me? Why do I want others to see me that way? What amount of sleep makes me feel refreshed? What kind of food do I seem to be happier after eating? How much water makes me feel awake? What traits do I like in other people? What advice am I most often giving out? What do I love to talk about? Why do I love talking about that stuff?

Really get into the nuts and bolts of questions like β€˜what am I good at?’ Think deeply. Are you good at writing? Are you good at reading? Are you good at talking? Are you good at working with numbers? Are you good at working with animals? Are you good at presenting? Are you good at investing? Are you good at understanding the problem? Are you good at teaching?

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