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  • identify and destroy small-return bullshit;
  • shut off anything that’s noisier than it is useful;
  • make brutally fast decisions about what I don’t need to be doing;
  • avoid anything that feels like fake sincerity (esp. where it may touch money);
  • demand personal focus on making good things;
  • put a handful of real people near the center of everything.

“if you look in the mirror in the morning and you’re not excited about what you’re doing that day, go do something else.” steve jobs

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people

Bezos quote about “imagining myself 80 on a rocking chair – will I regret not doing this?

😴 get enough sleep 🎉 celebrate small wins 🌲 go for a walk in nature 📖 journal what you’re feeling 👯‍♂️ make plans with kind friends 🙅🏽‍♀️ be clear with boundaries 🧹 tidy your living space 💨 take 3 deep breaths 🌌 have gratitude

  1. Help yourself
  2. Climb a mountain, tell nobody
  3. More suffering is needed
  4. The enemy is a wonderful teacher

agreements –> commitments –> investments –> improvements

what did I learn, that I want to make sure is INGRAINED for my life

people dont want to be fixed, people want to be heard

listen, ask open questions; rather than solution

“In my experience, X happened, this is what I did "

trifecta - victim, hero, anti-hero; all ego based hero means theres a victim in the situation when try to be the hero, you put the person below, as a victim. doesnt feel empowered. If you try to help, it doesnt

dogs eat first clean dishes under old ones think slow over time, whittle at an idea focus on removing blockers in the moment what task will make me happier in 1week, 1month, 1year

where are you? where do you want to be? who are you bringing along?

If you borrow someone’s car, fill it w gas

sharpen knife before every use

money/power. know what problems you cant buy yourself out of, face it or escape.

recognize that voice when it says “I can do that later” and instead decide to do it right now. The payoff is huge!

guilt and shame are tools for suppressing action and passion. They’re really good tools to get someone to stop doing something; but terrible tools to get someone to start.

Today’s a brand new day to make it happen

Everyone wants to cast blame rather than shoulder burden

Now a days, u got to have the audacity to be happy

Im not strong im powerful

  • I don’t need to explain myself.
    • How it’s received: Insecurity
    • Instead: State positive goals, intentions


What have you done for me lately Pick up the phone One foot in front of the other Never stop dating up wife Dont flake out on plans, commitments- be the person who steps up, confirms, organizes Telling old ex/crush u love them Online dating Health vs money / “investing” early, habits

2015 Eliminate cynicism Never insult food someone is eating Make connection with everyone at social event Be bold in introducing yourself, big smile Talk abouy positive Dont criticise others, ppl, grops.. Fun, but brings negativity
Always bring food/gift to someones house; its very thoughful… Even casual fruends

2013/2014 Bring ppl gifts from vacation Learn city bus system Small trash cans Keep beer in the house Wear seatbelt in taxi Status quo is a silent life killer Surround by successful, motivated ppl, stay away from placators No debt Learn to make friends < 3 months. Food, sports, common interest groups, classes, etc. Stay on touch!!! Learn to cook Take video ,ESP w fam Persist Learn why we procrastinate Learn to organize Teach regularly - write how-to, document how you do things, lunch n learns, Be positive Family is important- always resolve conflicts nicely Never lend $(??) Resolve conflict before sleep Don’t blame, but give credit Compliment people Give small gifts Buy electronics near middle of life (let others work out the bugs) Write letters, keep list of ppl thruout life, keep in contact. Let them know accomplishments, goals, interests, etc Dont litter Have hobbies Learn language


  • Drink water. Eat something. #meditate. Write down what’s on your mind.


  • Cut tags off. Never rip
  • Try on clothes & wear them after purchase
  • In the store, chose 3 items. Find 2 people, tell them goals of the item, ask them to choose.


How to improve confidence


  • Get quality sleep
  • Eat healthy food
  • Exercise
  • Expression
  • Do something good
  • Social Validation



  • Life is not fair. Never was. Never will be. -TB


  • Everyone has a sign on their forhead which says, “Treat me like I’m special” -Ronnie

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