• 2 pages (one for past, for for future)



  • what good happened, accomplishments (+)
  • bad things that happened, setbacks (-)
  • what could I do better? learnings (Δ)
  • What worked? (things I started, did, added or changed that I feel was beneficial)
  • What didn’t work (things I tried that didn’t help me or I didn’t like or find beneficial)
  • So-so about (things which I did and I am not too sure about or feel neutrally about)
  • Personal growth (what I did that made progress towards goals)
  • Problems I encountered & I still need to work on

Forward looking

  • What am I excited about? What are some actions to make progress?
  • What am I worried about? What are some actions to reduce the worry?
  • What outcomes would I like to achieve
    • Review goals. TODO: Link to [Goals]
  • What actions are coming up which I need to think about?

Future statements

  • “In [next month] I will [reflect on what I need to work on to apply it] resulting in [what my goals will bring me to if followed through]
  • “I will repeat (anything I would do again food, travel, books etc)”


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