Formats to consider

  • Mindmap
  • Written
  • Lists


  • Date - Time - Location - Weather
  • Emotions
    • TODO: Link to [Emotions]

Daily Prompts


  • Outstanding things which happened yesterday
  • What advice would I have given myself yesterday?
    • TODO: Link to [Advice]
  • Grateful for
  • Quotes. Who said it & why?
  • What did I learn? How can I apply that learning next time?
  • Any memorable interactions with people? Emotions?
  • Proud of
  • Amazed by
  • What made me laugh?
  • Is there a reason I am not doing things that have been on my list for weeks? What can be changed?
  • Give yesterday a title (optional)

Looking ahead

  • What do I need?
    • Review human needs
  • What do I want?
  • Is what I’m doing serving my goals?
    • TODO: Link to [Goals]
  • Things that would make today great
  • What is one thing top of mind today?
  • What’s one opportunity I want to go after
  • What decisions do I need to make? What information do I need to make them?
    • TODO: Link to [Decisions]
  • What projects are top of mind? What are some actions which could make progress?


  • Beliefs & Opinions. Where did they come from?


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