Medellin Neighborhoods Manilla Vietnamita: Cool vietnamese restaurant Provenza close to lleras. no way you can go wrong here! good place to meet people of all cultures selina roller skating rink, bowling? Dancing El Cuchitril (closed?) Anything around el parque del Poblado is good for drinking or dancing, Provenza which is around Calle 10 Parks Parques de Rio Culture Comuna 13 has a nice graffiti tour Mamm - movie screenings every week Restaurants Tomagotchi Ramen - quirky & fun Bao bei CUON Repeat Oci Ceres (awesome vegan restaurant) Big Bao La Rufina (its a little far from Medellin, on the way to the airport El Zorro y la Gitana (BEST PIZZAS) Work el open space consultancy for innovation, cafe, open sat/sun - carolina/owner....

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