Posta Cartagenera / Posta Negra (v21.5)

Ingredients Beef, eye round roast: 3 lbs Garlic: 8 gloves Onion: 1 large onion Salt Pepper Butter: 1 tbsp Olive oil: 2 tbsp Worchester sauce: 3 tbsp Brown sugr: 1/2 cup Coca cola: 1 cup Equipment Food processor Ziploc bag, 1 gallon Large pot Process Prep Using food processor, puree onion & garlic Place beef in ziploc bag Add onion, garlic, salt, pepper to ziploc bag Marinate meat for 3 hours Cook Melt butter in large pot (MEDIUM-HIGH heat) In the pot, brown all sides of the meat Into the pot, add water (enough to cover the beef) Cook beef for 2 hours Add brown sugar (1/2 cup), Coca-Cola (1 cup), butter (2 tbsp), worchester sauce (3 tbsp) Cook for 30 minutes Slice beef Pour sauce on top Serve with Sides half avacado Rice Guacamole Ceviche Salad Patacones Dessert: Tres leches, fruit

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