• Step through process, taking notes
  • Close everything, step thru process only using notes
  • Have another person do it, take note of their questions
  • Storyboard
  • Record yourself doing procedure, casually narrating
  • Transcribe your narration, tighten/edit the text
  • Record again, reading your revised narration



Create Project Folder

  • Create a Project Folder on Mac
    • e.g. ~/Movies/Projects/{Project Name}
  • Folder organization:
    • Video
      • Screen Recordings
      • _Exports
    • Images
    • Audio
      • Music
      • Narration

Create Project folder in Google Drive

  • Create project folder in Google Docs
    • e.g. Projects/{Project Name}

Create Project Google Doc

  • Create Project Google Doc: “Tutorial: How to X”
    • Step by step instructions
    • Narration
    • Video publishing info - Youtube, Vimeo, etc
      • Description text, tags, etc
      • URLs
      • Links
      • Emojis


  • (TBD)

Create Project presentation slides in Google Slides

  • Create Google Slides: “Tutorial: How to X”


  • Title
    • “How to…”
  • Intro
    • Date
  • What are we doing, why is it imporant
    • By the end of the video, you’ll be able to…
    • Outline tasks
  • wc
  • Links resources


  • (TBD)

Right before recording

  • Close all apps
  • Turn off notifications
  • Open [[Loopback]]
    • Create: “LB - Mic + System”
  • Open Project Google Doc


  • Incognito: CMD+SHIFT+N
  • Hide Menu Bar: CMD+SHIFT+B

Enable Keyboard viewer (optional)

Purpose: Allows you to record/see which keys are being pressed during the video. Can be cropped later, and re-created as on-screen graphics

  • System Preferences > Keyboard > Show keyboard and emojis in menu bar
  • Click Keyboard menu bar, “Show Keyboard Viewer”
  • Settings:
    • Zoom: 200%
    • Appearance: Light
    • Toolbars:
      • [_] Suggestions
      • [_] System & FN keys

Make Cursor size larger (optional)

  • System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Cursor > Cursor Size
    • E.g. Middle’ish.

Zoom screen

Enable Screen zoom keyboard shortcut

  • System Preferences > Accessibility > Zoom > Use scroll gesture
    • “^ Scroll”

Move screen with cusor

  • Advanced > “ Continuously with pointer”

Start Recording Screen

Record screen with Quicktime

  • Open Quicktime Player
  • Menu > File > “New Screen Recording…”
  • Click Options…
    • Save to…
      • Choose Project Folder > Video > Screen Recordings
    • Set microphone to the Loopback you created
      • e.g. “LB - Mic + System”
    • Show mouse clicks (optional)

After recording

Use Quicktime to trim the video Name the file

  • {Project Name} - Scene - Time

Links & Resources

Audio & Music

  • Stock music


Google Keywords planner

Check out

  • Screencasting
    • OBS


  • Speak slowly
  • Use active voice. Rather than “the lid is turned clockwise,” it is better to say “turn the lid clockwise.”
  • make sure you explain exactly what is seen in the video
  • Preview with a condensed version of task
  • use of the pronouns “I”, “we” and “you”
  • Begin with stating the goal or the purpose of the instruction and follow with the precise steps that are required for a successful outcome. The steps should be logical and streamlined.
  • Draw attention to the connection between actions of the user and reactions of the system or product
  • Try to limit the length of your video to 1 minute; between 2-10min
  • Who is your audience, what are their probems, why watch
  • dont go for perfect


hire voice artist hire someone to transcribe caption gif


  • Emotional Pull – Gain viewer’s attention with emotion
  • Priming – Ready the viewer with topic background information
  • Content – Instructional content
  • Reflection – Review what was covered
  • Emotional Push – Leave with an emotional moment and/or next learning steps

Keyboard shortcuts



  • Create new Sceen Recording: CTRL+CMD+N
  • Trim video: CMD+T
  • Split video: CMD+Y
  • Start screen recording
  • Stop screen recording
  • Record a section of the screen
  • Loop the movie: OPTION+CMD+L
  • Show movie at actual size: CMD+1