but when I take certs I usually go with video and I have a 2 pass system: 1) Watch all video content straight through. 2) Take one practice exam/quiz. 3) Watch all video content a second time. On this pass I make notes and if possible take a quiz after each video. 4) Review notes. 5) Practice exams. As I uncover questions I get wrong, I add those specific things to the notes. 6) Review notes day of exam. Take exam. This is super easy for if you just buy a course for a particular certification. You can “make your own” if its not really an exam by making a small outline or picking a particular video series and then grafting the series onto an outline and then making a schedule for how you will go over each outline item twice. I always recommend the 2-pass system because of what I call the “coat-hook problem”. Basically, you can’t just memorize stuff that has no other connections to things you already know. So, in the first pass you are really just putting up the coat-hooks. All you need to get from that first pass is a broad overview of what the content is and hopefully you can get a feel for the shape of everything. The second pass is where you actually start learning the material, i.e. actually hanging some coats on the coat-hooks.