Split a clip: CMD+E

How to recreate/extract a song’s drum track in Ableton

  • Download the song
    • [[youtube-dl]]
    • [[ffmpeg]]



Creating a drum kit from samples

  • Add Impulse track OR
    • Packs > Core Library > Devices> Instruments > Impulse
  • Create Drum Rack
    • Drums > Drum Hits > Drum Rack
  • Find some sounds
    • Packs > Core Library > Samples > Drums
      • Kick
        • Kick 90s 2
      • High Hat
        • Hihat 808 Close

MIDI Editing

  • Draw midi notes: B

Snap to gird

When you are in Session view, and click a new MIDI clip, it ALWAYS creates a clip which is 1 bar long ![[session-view-midi-clip-length.png]]

How to Solo an Impulse instrument ![[solo-impulse-instrument.png]]


Packs > Core Library > Devices > Arpeggiator


Drag auio to bottom of window.

Core Library > Devices > Instruments > Simpler

Controling Ableton with MIDI controls https://www.ableton.com/en/manual/midi-and-key-remote-control/ Enable MIDI map mode: CMD+M Show/hide Browser (which turns into MiDI map): CMD+Alt+B


What is Drum Buss? What is impulse? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKPNT3Z6-Iw Drum track vs impulse? How to use MIDI knobs to change stuff