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mesh rendering Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline (NURBS) Ambient Lighting Beveling Texture Mapping Sculpturing Polygonal Modeling Non-Uniform Rational Mesh Smooth (NURMS Modeling) - subdivision surface modeling. Used to smoothen edges of polygons by subdividing each face into smaller pieces CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) vertices edges faces chamfer v-ray Rigged: The 3D model has a skeleton so it can move. You can deform and animate characters, vehicles, and other objects using rigs. This allows you to animate the 3D model. corona Materials: Color or procedural details on the 3D model, whether it is dull or shiny. Texture: Surface texture on the model that involves using two-dimensional digital image files, such as .jpegs or .pngs. Polycount Quad: a four-sided face. Tri: a three-sided face. Exchange Format: A 3D model file format that doesn’t belong to any particular application. Instead, it primarily transfers (exchanges) a model between applications. All 3D programs can export and import at least a few exchange file formats. Common exchange formats are OBJ, FBX, USD, 3DS, DXF, and STL. C


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Figure out what is important to learn first, and focus on that. Keep challenging yourself with your models Each scene needs to convey a mood and story. Break big tasks down into tiny, manageable chunks Assign hotkeys to the frequently used commands search Pintrest for inspiration and interesting ideas Get feedback Share regualrly Practice what you learn Make use of plugins Use Post-production effects Learn 2D Software and their File Types

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  • Top things which made biggest positive impact on learning 3D modeling
  • Tips which set you up for success on your own learning 3D modeling
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  • Most important things for beginners to know before starting journey on 3D modeling
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  • What were the biggest breakthroughs, “aha” moments in professional development in 3D modeling


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  • “3D modeling Essentials Training”
  • “3D modeling for beginners”

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  • What would a “honeymoon sprint” (20 focused hours) look like?

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  • PhotoModeler that can transform photos into 3D models
  • 3D camera

iPad Apps

  • Shapr3D. powered by the same modeling engine as the professional modeling software SolidWorks. targeted towards professional engineers and industrial designers. $150/yr
  • uMake. view your 3D designs in augmented reality. more suitable for concept work and visualization rather than physical manufacturing with 3D printing. $100/yr
  • Morphi. create designs for animation, game design, and graphic design.
  • Onshape. create, modify, and share 3D mechanical CAD models


  • Speed, compared to drawing & physical modeling
  • Accuracy, scale, measurements
  • Visualization products from all angles, fits into context
  • Improved interaction with custoner


  • Gaming, virtual world
  • Engineering
  • Filmmaking
  • Architecture, tours
  • Real Estate
  • Automotive
  • Retail, furniture, products, AR
  • Manufacturing, designing products, 3d printing
  • Advertizing products
  • Geology & Science, oceans, similations, flight patterns
  • Healthcare, prosthetics, dentistry, feet support,