Don’t Rush

Never feel rushed to respond to my texts.

Life happens outside of the phone. Many friends go days, weeks and months between texts. I prefer a thoughtful “present” text over a rushed, impersonal one.

If you are feeling rushed to respond to texts, or apologizing for delays - Listen to your subconscious, find out where the urgency is coming from, and see if you can untangle yourself. Often, these obligations are completely in our head. Learn how to understand, communicate, and assert your boundaries to others in your life.

Time of Day

You may text me any time of day. I will read and respond to the text when I have sufficient time & attention.

It is every individual’s responsibilty to manage their own attention. When I go to bed, I put my phone on “Do Not Disturb”, and place it next to the coffee maker in the kitchen. In the morning, I practice “no electronics until after breakfast”.