Apps Ideas

  • Language-learning chat bot, flirty convos
  • team brunch app
  • eInk planner wall planner
  • UpWork “Music Factory”
  • Find a way to connect a slack, forum, and knowledge base (Cliff)
  • White-label / Branded community chat (like Slack)
  • How to click a button, chat with AI, in an app (Cliff)
  • Technology calendar - weekly, monthly, etc (Cliff)
  • Twitter for cars, @license plates
  • AR for parking places
  • Brunch app (Yelp, open table, Uber)
  • Is my internet working? Checks sites you frequently visit
  • One-click Hangover Care Package to my Location
  • World map, Best Beaches, good temperatures, best prices on flights/deals
  • Scan a brand, see who actually owns it
  • Distributed LLC platform

Tools / Services

  • As a user, I should be able to easily download a video on the internet (e.g. Youtube), and automatically have it archive to my computer. E.g. ~/Notes/Journal/2020/05/

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